More services

Carpet Cleaning

We know that stained carpets can ruin the beauty of a room/premises, that’s why we offer high quality, low-cost Carpet Cleaning services that will suit your budget and let us get your room/premises back to looking at their very best.

High Pressure Jet Wash

Our Jet Washing system is your dearest assistant in fighting the mess caused by dirt or other debris. With our professional touch, say goodbye to that dirt or debris cos your favorite nook around your house, commercial sites, office premises, driveway or brick walls will be back in no time.

After Party Cleaning

We Know definitely your party was great but not too sure Cleaning after is any fun.

GOOD NEWS!! you don’t have to stress yourself with that, just get in touch and let our professionals do wonders and get your hall/premises looking Sparkling.

Spring Cleaning

You don’t have to wait till the trees start blooming, leave it to us to get your home transformed into a more welcoming and fresh environment.


At Joel O Ltd, we understand that more customers mean more cleaning, and a clean premise means more customers, that’s why we make sure that your premises are looking spotless and extremely welcoming to customers.

Pubs Cleaning

Having a good time always leads to a bit of mess, which most times can be challenging and difficult to clean, especially when you are extremely exhausted. That’s why with our range of packages for pubs, we can tailor our services to suit your needs/budget to bring the sparkle back to your pub.